About Us

To innovate consistently and bring inspiration to the single used plastic and compostable products.
PMI Packaging Sdn Bhd established in 2013, focus on various plastic packaging to serve the different field of customers.

Up to date, with continuous efforts from dynamic management team, PMI successfully developed products ranging from HDPE to LDPE and PP. Besides, we also expanded businesses to plastic glove, spoon, container, etc.

PMI provides packaging solutions to cater end user needs by customizations, our experienced team is ready to provide professional advice on plastic packaging. Our products are certified food safe with SGS tested, hassle-free in using PMI food packaging products.

Following the worldwide effort for plastic reduction, PMI becomes the pioneer in researching and producing COMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE products locally since 2016. PMI believes that these eco-friendly products will gain further importance in the near future, as PMI launched the compostable corn straw and carrier bag in 2018. At the same time, roll garbage bags and gloves also at the final development stage.

PMI is a certified SIRIM ECO-LABEL ( ECO 001:2018 ) manufacturer under license EL000136 in producing fully compostable products in Malaysia. Currently, we are the suppliers for a few franchise brands and expect more to come in the future.

PMI stands for PASSION MADE INNOVATION hence we are passionate about innovating smart packaging solutions to fulfill various needs. We always set replacing every plastic product with compostable products as our long term vision.
Shared Vision
The world is suffering from climate change which results from improper waste management, the plastic bag and straw are one of culprits. The idea of creating disposable products used for mere seconds that last many lifetimes has always bothered us. So we set out to change that. After years of research, we’ve engineered an injection molding process that allows us to create consistent, reliable products using a raw material that is better for everyone.
The Shape of Things to Come
Traditional injection molding methods did not work for compostable plant-based plastics. They were costly, inconsistent, and incorrect. So we took everything we knew about the process and completely re-thought it.

Starting with a blank page, we were determined to better understand; its properties, how it works, and how to work with it. We have engineered the way to mold this exciting new material. We are confident in the results, and we think you will be too.
Guided By Our Beliefs & Values

We always keep in mind that the world is always changing. To remain competitive in the long run is an arduous mission. We are always ready to learn, innovate and make radical changes in order to sustain our competitiveness and to keep our business in line with our vision.

We do not attempt to be the largest or best in the market; we do not attempt to provide superior services either. We develop standard operations procedures and adhere to it rigorously with the objective of putting our businesses in line with our vision.

We recognize that each individual shares the responsibility to create positive impacts to society. We strive to develop a conducive work environment with rigorous HRM management in order for our employees to work to their full potential and contribute the best of their talents to the company, and eventually, society.

We do not expect our employees to be dynamic individuals. However, we expect them to possess shared values and goals that are in line with our Vision and Mission. We believe that those who recognize the significance of our products shall be able to contribute their talents and passions towards achieving our organizational objectives.

We do not attempt to be the best. We believe that each of our customers connects with us for a reason and we shall, within the means at our disposal, try to provide solutions that match their individual needs, and at the same time, inspire our customers with our vision.

By moving in congruent with our vision and mission, we shall be able to select the right business and maintain a workforce that excels in work performance, which in turn enables us to generate excess resources that may be allocated to fulfill our corporate responsibilities. We aspire to operate self-sustaining NGOs and provide consistent donations to selected entities.

We believe that in order to inspire our employees to be committed to our vision, we should strive to maintain a fair, equitable, and positive work environment, promoting core values of honesty, integrity, and teamwork in the workplace. We recognize that without the right values, we shall not be able to align ourselves with our vision in the long run.