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PP Carrier Bags are growing in popularity as both retailers and consumers look for a practical alternative to the ‘single use’ polythene bag. A strong and flexible solution for shoppers, PP bags are both recyclable and reusable due to the synthetic plastic polymer they are made from called Polypropylene, and as such, they are ideal solution for those looking for an eco-friendly shopping bag.

Polypropylene is a superior material that has a low density and high resistance. Non-toxic and degradable, it is environmentally friendly, and as it can withstand repeated increases and decreases in weight without losing structure, it is the perfect material for making reusable carrier bags.

A polypropylene bag is high clarity and crystal clear in order to enhance the image of whatever product is inside. This PP bag offers a highly protective barrier against both moisture and vapors. These poly bags delay evaporation and dehydration to preserve the freshness and taste of packaged foods. Polypropylene bags are great for the following industries — food, electronics and electronics manufacturing, hospitals, agriculture, and more.