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Food packaging serves several important functions in our modern lives, which are the primary reasons we rely on it:

  • Protection: protects vulnerable products from damage whilst in transit and from contamination or damage by moisture, humidity, gases, microorganisms, insects and light.
  • Preservation: preserves products for longer, which reduces waste by giving people more time to use or consume them before it is no longer suitable to do so.
  • Prevents waste: products kept together and spillages avoided.
  • Transportation: Allows transport over great distances, so that we have access to a wide variety of non-local produce that, in turn, encourages trade. It also saves space through stacking objects which make transporting more efficient.

We provide 3 types of plastic food packaging to suit different usage:




Various sizes available with the option of holes or without holes :
  1. Width 4 to 24 inch
  2. Length 6 to 42 inch

Proper Plastic Packaging Do Help in Reducing Food Waste:
Comparison Between Plastic Packaging VS Without Plastic Packaging